Davenport, California

Davenport is an unincorporated community in Santa Cruz County situated on Highway 1, along the Pacific Ocean, 9 miles from Santa Cruz.

The town offers some spectacular views of cliffs, bluffs and beaches in between cliffs with plenty of surfing opportunities. During the winter Davenport is one of the best places to observe migrating whales as they pass just off shore. Apart from the unique surroundings, the town also has a few restaurants, cafes and art galleries.

American Abalone, a producer of farm raised California Red Abalone, is located in Davenport. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sea Watch program has selected American Abalone as a perfect choice for seafood consumers who care about the environment.


Davenport Schools

In Davenport there is an elementary school, Pacific School, which is the only school in the Pacific Elementary School District.

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Points of interest in Davenport, California:

- St. Vincent DePaul Church - a church built completely of cement.


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